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Avrupa Minerals is a growth-oriented junior exploration and development company focused on aggressive exploration, using a modified prospect generator model, for valuable mineral deposits in politically stable and prospective regions of Europe, including Portugal, Kosovo, and Germany.

The Company has an exciting portfolio of exploration projects consisting of:

  • Copper and Zinc in southern Portugal at Marateca, Mertola, and in the recently consolidated Alvalade project area located in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, where Europe's richest active copper mine operates;

  • Iron oxide copper-gold (IOCG) targets in southern Portugal on the Alvito Option project area;

  • Gold, Silver, Lead, and Zinc in Kosovo on the Metovit property in the Trepça Mineral Belt of the Vardar Zone, historically, Europe's most productive district for lead and zinc;

  • The Peshter Gold-Silver deposit in the Slivovo JV, also located in the Trepça Mineral Belt, just 15 km southeast of Prishtine, the capital city of Kosovo.

  • Gold and Tin in eastern Germany in the 307 km2 Oelsnitz exploration license in the historic Erzgebirge Mining District, a 1000-year producer of tin, tungsten, silver, base metals, and uranium.

The projects are all in areas with existing mines and strong geological potential for discovery of further economic metal deposits.

Avrupa's aim is to create shareholder value through the development of a project portfolio to joint venture or sale to larger mining companies. 

Avrupa Minerals has a strong and dedicated management team with extensive and broad experience from exploration to development. Management is supported by an active board with mining, exploration, and financial experience. In its present areas of exploration, Avrupa enjoys excellent relations with government mining agencies, local authorities, and the communities where it works.