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Strategic Project Portfolio

The area of focus is Europe in historic mineral belts such as the Iberian Pyrite Belt in Portugal, the Vihanti–Pyhäsalmi VMS Belt, central Finland and the Vardar Trend in Kosovo where we have made recent discoveries, even as we continue to generate prospects and expand our portfolio.

Exploration Excellence

​Discoveries by drilling are what add value for shareholders. Avrupa has made 2 such discoveries: Alvalade Copper-Zinc (Portugal) & Slivova Gold (Kosovo).

Attracting the right partners on the right terms

Large, well-funded partners are best. Groups that focus on a type of mineralization are better. Terms that don’t give away the farm are better. We are currently working with partners in Portugal and Kosovo.

Ability to raise funds the right way

Avrupa protects its share structure by raising small amounts to advance its projects between its deals, and by finding alternative and new investors from Europe, Mexico, the US, and Canada.

Latest News

Avrupa Minerals Ltd. 2023 Progress and 2024 Plans

Avrupa Minerals Ltd. (AVU:TSXV) is pleased to report on its progress during 2023 on programs in Portugal, Kosovo, and Finland, as well as comment on expected programs for 2024.  The Company’s projects in Kosovo and Portugal are fully-funded by Joint Venture partners. ...

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Avrupa will be successful and add share price value by advancing its programs in Portugal, Kosovo and Finland through partner funding & completing new joint ventures in historical mining districts.

-Paul Kuhn, President & CEO

Our success in Portugal

Alvalade Copper Discovery

In 2014, Avrupa made the first massive sulfide discovery on the Iberian Pyrite Belt in 20 years.  Currently optioned out to Minas de Aguas Teñidas, S.A. with a drill program upcoming.

Discovery in Kosovo

Slivova Gold Project

In 2015, Avrupa made a significant gold discovery at the then Slivovo Gold Project, located in the prolific Vardar Zone.  A resource estimate was completed in 2016.  Avrupa has partnered with Western Tethyan Resources to advance the project.

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